A dream of Brexit…?


From time to time, we all catch an earworm. That catchy tune that can drive us mad as it goes around and around our heads for an indeterminate time. Especially if we know the tune but can’t place and/or name it.

I had one recently, but not earworm as we know it. Listening to a political discussion on the radio (I’m not sure exactly what programme), I heard the phrase “dream of Brexit” and, for some reason, the seasonal Greg Lake song “I Believe in Father Christmas” began wriggling. I couldn’t shake it off, all the while wondering if I could adapt the lyrics accordingly.

So I tried. And here it is. With apologies to Greg Lake…

They said there’d be talks by Christmas
They said there’d be cake to eat
Instead they’re pontificating
Deluded dreams that they’ll fail to meet

Do you remember the referendum?
When 52 came from…

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IBM X41 2525 notebook revitalised in 2019 with 128GB SSD

I read much during research of solution – special thanks to scottlinux.com – https://scottlinux.com/2016/11/05/thinkpad-x41-with-an-msata-ssd/

IBM X41 2525 -1.6 GHz from 2006 once a £2K machine, now worth £30 on ebay, maybe, only if working… Status: almost dead, unstable data integrity of magnetic platters, hard drive done – M$ XP OS defunct, as unsupported.

Task resuscitate notebook, so revitalised in 2019

‘Bought…’ includes shipping charges from Hong Kong, China and Germany etc…

Bought £2.50 – 44 pin ide to mSATA SSD adapter for 1.8″ SSD drive

Bought £22 – Vaseky 128G Mini mSATA 3 1.8 Inch SSD Hard Drive 1.8″ mSATA SSD drive

Bought £17 – RAM memory additional stick 2gb

Bought £10 – Bios battery with 3 wires – long and thin slim plug attached

Bought £25 x2 (£50) – 8 cell 63Wh 14.4 volt – 2x Batteries
To install SSD on IBM X41 2525 notebook first update bios with unofficial BIOS firmware

Loaded Linux Mint xfce…,  works a treat.

Created Partitions:

\ 25GB (perhaps ought to have been 30GB…)
Swap 3GB
\Home 100GB

Reduced swap file usage to – swappiness 10 instead of 60

Added ALFA AWUS036ACH drivers for external wireless AC USB Modem aerial kit


UK General election 2015

When British public votes Tory, as they often strangely do, I turn to Libran horoscopes (a committed atheist) as rational thinking departs – and still nothing. Maybe that teapot Prof Richard Dawkins The God Delusion was on about did it… nah seems not. Nearly read through all of Bad Science by Dr Ben Goldacre, but none the wiser. Nope it’s ‘the digger’s’ cunning plan, old Murdock takes No 10, aided by Lord ‘zeig, zeig’ Rothermere, Daily Mail and the oddball twins couple Barclay Bros., billionaires, Telegraph and the idiot on the run from Putin, who owns the Evening Standard, what shafted us all as foghorns for ‘big money’ “banksters,” gigging their same old tune “fuck’em all, fuck’em all.”

Response to Janet Yellen’s “We didn’t see the financial crisis coming.”

I just read this…


Good admission, but wait, what? Nah – don’t buy it.

As a lay person, very interested in but a non economist, one could see the start of the bubble in the early mid 1990s. The UK commentariat called it a recovery. They observed the return upwards of crazy flat (apartment) and house prices around 1995 and jumped for joy.  Homes regained some value post crash, a wonderful thing. Again, loose credit offered to kick start the ‘economy.’ Again house prices for sale, at sums not multiples of 3.5 times salaries / income – but requiring huge mortgages offered with low or no deposits based on salary multiples like 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x – utter insanity.

You don’t need to be a graduate or a psychic to know that there would be a problem. I knew that it would end in tears, it was just a question of when.

No one knew about the massive, frankly fraudulent, ethically and morally bankrupt numbers game that was going on.  Bank chiefs, specifically all the unimprisoned even now, department heads ran what is really a con by any other name. They facilitated, gave life to the monster computer models justifying, to the banks’ and other casino financial institutions’ top management board rooms, that the risk was managed and safe.  All this was perpetuated by the whizz kid ‘quants,’ quantitative analysts, in financial jargon. They were the wunderkinde responsible for the creation of clever financial modelling, fabricating documents that represented financial intruments, re-packaging high risk, soon to be bad debt bets, with less bad bets and even gold plated AAA good debt, specifically to hide the riskier parts.

Bankers who had decades long careers, led the naive young graduates, pointing the way for none the wiser kids, doing as they were told. Geeks were kids with massive IQs and Advanced Math degrees, but still kids, led by bankers at boardroom level who chose to  forget to balance the equations. You know the one – where zero i.e. 0 = complex, super multi-levelled, computer aided, alegbraic calculus = 0 ergo zero.

People like the lady above, Ms Yellen, along with UK and US politicians, dismantled the scaffolding of the USA Glass Stegal Act and UK legislation that held banks in check and other tough, somewhat inflexible, stabalising financial regulations. They were urged to do so by lobby groups on behalf of bankers wanting to rely on extreme ‘laissez faire’ political non interference. The ideas of the politically  neo conservative Chicago school of economists, focused around that Prof. Milton Friedman idiot ran riot with Reagan. In the UK those ideas were used to justify, by the handbag wielding, utterly vile British PM, Mrs Thatcher, no doubt egged on by the World Bank and IMF.

They destroyed the sensible, economically stabalising, world wide influencing, financial regulations and even the first presidential Clinton administration in the USA saw President Clinton consigning the Glass Stegal Act to the dustbin. They burned the safety wall around the financial workings of the world economy, erected post the 1929 crash that had held good certainly until the 1970s oil crisis.

We non graduate dummies were not supposed to know about that. We were supposed to be drinking beer, sweating our labour in exchange for a few pennies, while you lot all lived high on the hog. We great unwashed masses, the victims, the low and average pay millions of ordinary tax payers, who got smacked hard 30 years later.

We all have been forced (not asked) to bail out the financial system.

We the mass of ordinary people have even been blamed for the debt pile creation activities of the banks and governments that enacted bail outs of those same banks.

While all of those, with their snouts deeply in that huge bankers’ party trough, all sucked out what they could get from the free for all.  All grabbed a piece, in political donations, fancy advisory jobs and a whole plethora of ‘kick backs,’ to keep voting the ‘regulation lite’ environment and the party going, as the ship sank, even if legal and legit, but based on a lie.

We dummies down here at ground level know there’s leveraging. We comprehend  borrow a little to invest and pay later. Buy or build a house, knowing it’s a necessary liability, unless a buy to let if you can.  Borrow to invest in a business, build or buy an income generator, that’s normal use of credit.   Then there’s the rampant disgusting party had by those who could access the elevated upper middle class, super educated or fortunately born, accidents of birth elevated to higher plains of existence, well mansions and champers soirees and we all watched you all from down here.

Damn, there was no party like that started in the 1980s, with big bang, a hiccup of Black Fridays, don’t like Mondays, in passing, the rest of the 100 odd mini crashes along the way eg. a big IT crash in 2000, precient odd little warning, nothing ever lasts. No party goes on without time being called and the piper needing to be paid.

You say you and yours didn’t know? I say bullshit.

You chose to immerse and not look, but you knew in the deep recess of your highly educated peanut brains, grandma told you, Mr Micawber (Dickens) told you, you all knew.

The bankers who ‘coined it,’ raking in all that A&M (Acquisitions and Mergers) loot and fees for squeezing Greece or Mexico and all their other mercantile scams. They took their commissions, took what they could get, put their loot in bricks and around the world, for when the shit hit the fan. Almost none are in prison nor had those 30 years of A&M extracted from their personal wealth piles, funny that.

It is dishonest to deny the basics of that 30 years profligacy, and debauchery, gorging on the stupidity of the weak politicians who let it happen.

Experts you call yourselves, all that time under your noses daylight robbery.  The bankers were busy, ramping up the numbers, hyper inflating prices of goods and services, funded by cheap credit to the middle classes whose real terms income stagnated for 30 to 40 years.

But you wanted them, us little people, to keep spending, focused on the factory gate and amount of trade volume, buying cars, houses, furniture, holidays etc., to keep pace with the Jones, whilst real wealth gravitated to the few 1% or 0.1%.

You all let it happen. You were all deeply involved in the endeavour to create the emperor’s new clothes, in monetary units, fiscal instruments, that ultimately blew up. This was inevitable. Do not say you didn’t and couldn’t know.

Marrying when ‘loved up’ is clouded decision making

The UK’s ‘Cheryl,’ the Newcastle woman, former yobo celeb, part time singer… denied quickie divource… Oh Well. Another dumb schmuck gets married, didn’t define to self ‘what is marriage?’ Acted without truly asking the right questions, nor delving for answers deeply enough.

The Problem:

Cheryl is utterly typical of problemmatic successful, financially independent, wealthy women who do not know what they want from a marriage, because they have not defined it.

They become atttracted physically and conversationally to another person, and equally applies to men too – who do not think this through either, they call it ‘falling in love…,’ but a partnership deal is different.

Fundamental questions about life are not fully examined to establish what each can tolerate from the other, what each wants out of life going forward, let alone what compromises can they live with and is the other person worthy of sacrifice, after the novelty of sexual opportunity and new person discovery has worn off and one is left with the actual reality of the ‘you’ that is the other person…

Love takes decade to fully grow. 18 months to 5 years is a courtship… then one can be utterly convinced that a life long committment to a particular, other person is truly worthy of the total investment.

Guitar amp tale

You may well laugh at the end of this…. I’m in 8 watt amp heaven into a single guitar speaker. I have used the Pentode / Triode switch. I have actually set valves to Triode. It’s the first time.

This beautiful guitar valve amp (7x 12AX7 aka ecc83s, quad of EL34’s) in use is like that russian doll, inside a doll, inside a doll. It is, at very least, 5 guitar amps in one. Output wattage can be 60+60=120, 60, 30, 15 and 8 watts.

I completely love how it simply keeps on revealing endless possibilities and new combinations.

I just reconnected the amp to my speaker cab after 14 odd years.

Only one speaker available atm – the wire has detached from the other speaker, for now, in the ancient, early 1970s, Marshall 2045 – 2×12 cab.

I’m driving again!

Revisiting the 12″ Celestion g12-80 – 15ohm – unknown cone from 1980 (the other cone is an 1105):-

Very rare low resonance Kurt Mueller SP1105 cone. The main difference to the more common 1777 lead and 444 bass cones, according to Dr. Decibel from Celestion, is that they are a bit thicker and thus may sound a bit more neutral. However, the G12-80 has a lot of edge treatment so it’s not particularly a low resonance speaker.

1105 cone was usually used in combination with a “tweeter cone” to increase the bandwidth, Marshall never used them. All I know for sure is that these speakers sound great with a Marshall!

These Rola period G12-80 speakers shouldn’t be confused with the current-production Classic Lead 80 speakers as they sound different – and according to many, better. The G12-80 uses a big heavy magnet, so it was one of the more expensive speakers when it was available.

The G12-80 speaker uses the same low resonance cone that was eventually chosen for the popular Celestion Vintage 30.

“The TBR is the Abrama M1A1 tank of the guitar amp world. It will take on any and come out the winner… on par with the space shuttle in terms of features and options. And the tone rules. Not super duper high gain….very Marshally. Think driven Plexi. And the cleans, supposedly Fendery cleans and Dumble/Mesa are sexually good.”

On the front, the on / off switch and below, marked I or II  standby switch.

The ‘stereo’ guitar amp, Rivera TBR1-m (knob tweaker paradise), controls on the rear panel include the power class switch (pentode/triode) which changes the nature of how the tubes operate as well as how the signal flows through the amplifier.

This can vary the sound from silky and soft in the Triode setting to a full power brightened tone in the Pentode position.

The standby switch on the front offers… Hi or Low power… ah really!? Damn, only had this ‘stereo’ guitar amp nearly 20 odd years… now I notice? I thought it was A or B, Left or Right – amp / speaker out. Doh!

Did you laugh?


General Election UK 2015

When British public votes Tory, as they often strangely do, I turn to Libran horoscopes (a committed atheist) as rational thinking departs – and still nothing. Maybe that teapot Prof Richard Dawkins The God Delusion was on about did it… nah seems not. Nearly read through all of Bad Science by Dr Ben Goldacre, but none the wiser. Nope it’s ‘the digger’s’ cunning plan, old Murdock takes No 10, aided by Lord ‘zeig, zeig’ Rothermere, Daily Mail and the oddball twins couple Barclay Bros., billionaires, Telegraph and the idiot on the run from Putin, who owns the Evening Standard, what shafted us all as foghorns for ‘big money’ “banksters,” gigging their same old tune “fuck’em all, fuck’em all.”